EAA Ultralight Chapter 75

North Central Wisconsin Lite Flyers

Winter Sky Flying
published 2007 March

With Winter at it's best, I recently took a weekend to sneak home from school to take advantage of some great ski flying. The Mini-Max was on ski's and the weather was beautiful. Hardly a cloud in the skies and one of those nice mid-winter days where the winds are light and variable all day long. So I gassed up, checked it over, and started up the Rotax. The winds were down runway 25 so I taxied around the hangars, over the snow banks and into the snow. The wheel ski's have tiny little roller blade wheels on them and to save some life on them we taxi in the snow. I would taxi to runway 25 short...actually before the runway starts and get off before the runway even begins. Adding some power it leaped off the ground like nobody's business. In a quick jump skip and a hop I was over the Wisconsin River doing touch and goes, and soon enough an hour went by and it was time to head back in...if only the gas tank wasn't a tiny 5 gallons. After landing it was apparent enough that this was way to nice of a day to stop. So off to the gas station I went to get a lot more gas. Once in the air again I headed west of Merrill to some nice snow covered grass strips and even a landing in a field at my aunt and uncles house. Coming back to KRRL, John Szigat was in the pattern testing out his rebuilt engine and enjoying the evening. All together I put 5 hours on the Mini Max all without one landing on the blacktop! What a beautiful day. It really was a great day to be a pilot!

Brian Krueger


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