EAA Ultralight Chapter 75

North Central Wisconsin Lite Flyers

2019 Tuesday Fly Nights

Greetings all. August destinations were Scherrico Meadows on the 6th. Harold surprised us with a 26 piece band this year! It was a beautiful day to fly and 20 aircraft flew in. On the 20th Dan and Patty Marlenga hosted us in little Chicago. Six aircraft flew in. Unfortunately I had to leave a little earlier than I'd like due to the early fading sunlight. Sadly our short summer is coming to a close.

Our get together at little O'Hare signified the end of our 2019 fly nights. I'm not certain, but l believe this is the first year that we had good flying weather for all six of our destinations. A couple of times the weather was looking questionable, but by fly time, the clouds parted and gave us a perfect record. We did need a last minute change in location due to a soggy grass strip. But the rain subsided and the word got out about the change in venue. Also a word thanks to the One who watches over us and got us all safely back home after a fun filled evening.

I'd also like to thank all those that hosted our gatherings. Without their generosity and allowing us to come to their homes or nearby airports, this chapter 75 program wouldn't exist. I also thank those that took the time out of their busy schedules to fly or drive in.
It's not too late to get on the 2020 schedule. If you are so inclined to host one of our Tuesday night gatherings, l have five openings! You may contact me by phone or email. Please leave a message on my cell: 715 891 7213. Or email: fluguy963@gmail.com

Fly safe this fall and enjoy the beautiful color from the air. Hope everyone from chapter 75 has a good winter.

Dick Neitzel

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